About us


Robust Seed Technology A&F AB was founded in 2012 by Dr. Tongyun Shen, who has a PhD in seed science from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and master education in Plant physiology from Umeå University.

Dr Shen has more than 20 years experiences in seed science research and development both at university and at big seed industry. Shen has worked with both theoretical research and large scale implementation. During her PhD study, Dr Shen has developed quicker method for seed quality determination based on enzyme activities, which has been used in several laboratories.

Since start, Robust Seed Technology has developed the improved seed priming technology which is patented with two patents (EP 2991468 B1 and EP 3174378A1, with title Improved method for seed priming). As the improved seed priming technique has many advantages, regarding both the seed enhancement effect and the improved long term store ability, than the traditional priming, thus, we named the Improved Method For Seed Priming technique SEED VITALIZATION. Seed vitalization have, up to date, been granted patent in 44 countries in all part of the world and Robust Seed Technology A&F AB is the owner of the patents.  About 300 varieties within 98 species have been tested and showed significant improvement of the seeds quality. Field trial of several of the vitalized species showed significantly improved harvest.  To convenient the use of the technology, Robust Seed will further develop the technology with full automated process and scaling up the production.


Robust Seed Technology’s strategy is developing and supplying technologies, from seed maturation, seed harvest, seed handling, seed enhancement (include, but not limited to seed vitalization) to seed quality control, to customers to improve the quality of their seeds.


The company’s mission is by intensive research and development supplying efficient seed techniques to customers to improve their seed quality, include seed vigor and viability.


Following world’s population increase and the arable land as well as cropland decrease, sustainable food production and climate face big challenge in the whole world. Robust Seed Technology’s vision is through seed technology contribute to solve the global challenge of food security and climate change.