About us


Robust Seed Technology A&F AB was founded in 2012 by Dr. Tongyun Shen, how has a PhD in seed science at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and master education in Plant physiology at Umeå University.

Dr Shen has more than 20 years experiences in seed science research and development both at university and big seed industry. Shen has worked with both theoretical research and large scale implementation. During her PhD study, Dr Shen has developed quicker method for seed quality determination based on enzyme activities, which has been used in several laboratories.

After start, the company has developed two patented methods for seed vitalization, as well as fully automatic vitalization machine for up to 80 kg treatment per batch. About 300 varieties within 95 species have been tested and showed significant improvement of the seeds quality.


Robust Seed Technology’s strategy is developing and supplying technologies, from seed maturation, seed harvest, seed handling, seed enhancement to seed quality control, to customs to improve the quality of their seeds.


The company’s mission is by intensive research developing and supplying efficient seed techniques to customs to improve the quality of the seeds, include seed vigor and viability.


Following world’s population increase the arable land as well as cropland decrease. Food sustainable production face a big challenge. Robust Seed Technology’s vision is to contribute the sustainable food security through seed technology.