Our Technology 

Scientific background

Seed contribute to about 25-40 percent of harvest. Factors influence seed quality include: seed gene, seed multiplication condition, seed harvest, seed handling, seed enhancement as well as seed storage condition.   Among these factors, the most effective and easy to handle way to improve the quality of the seeds is seed enhancement.

Seeds reach their highest quality when they are physiological maturated. After that, the seeds start to deterioration. Seed deterioration include three phase. At the beginning of deterioration process, the deterioration speed is very slow, however, following the storage time, the deterioration is faster and faster and finally the seeds lose their viability. During the early stage of seed deterioration, the quality decline can be restored by right measure. Seeds deterioration is also influenced by seed harvest technique, seed handling technique and seeds storage environment.

During germination, seeds need to go through a series of biological process, like DNA reparation, new protein synthesis, new mRNA and mitochondria synthesis and so on before radicle emergence.


Seed vitalization technique is developed based on the theory of seed deterioration and seed germination.

Seed vitalization is done in an optimal environment in machine before sowing. After vitalization, damaged seeds restored, seed dormancy is broken, physiological immature seeds further developed, the biological process necessary for germination passed. Finally, both the vigor and viability of the seeds improved.

When sowing the vitalized seed will germinate directly and quick, like runner on start.

Vitalized seeds can be used exactly as untreated seed, for example for long term storage or sowing directly.